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We begin with your dog's health history to ensure that foods and supplements are well tolerated and the final diet meets nutritional requirements as may be determined by the health status, activity level, age and breed of your dog.


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  • An adult dog consultation begins with your dog's health history. We want to ensure that foods and supplements are well tolerated and that the final diet meets nutritional requirements as may be determined by the health status, activity level, age and breed of your dog.

    We formulate diets to meet the needs of dogs in health and disease.  Does your healthy dog tolerate kibble? You can feed it while travelling, or even keep it as a smaller portion of the diet if that's what works best for you.  It doesn't have to be all or nothing.

    In order to accommodate the needs of an individual dog, a consultation may be as long as a two month process involving frequent email contact between the dog owner and Monica Segal. Your two month period starts when the diet plan is emailed to you. Please keep in mind that Monica is unavailable on weekends. 
    Please note: The time frame for our waiting list changes weekly. Current waiting list is 2 weeks from the time we receive complete replies to the intake questionnaire you will receive. 

    You will receive a form via email within 24 hours of placing an order. Please complete this form and return it to us within 1 week.
    A $50 fee is applicable if a client cancels the order prior to the diet formulation being done.
    Cancellation of consultations after the work of formulating a diet has been done will be considered a diet formulation and charged $180 accordingly. 


  • An adult dog consultation is an ideal proactive approach for healthy dogs and the best way of addressing those with special needs.
  • What a wonderful experience for all of us! Monica is easy to work with, and so knowledgeable. Our Homer (Lab x Beagle) suffered though too many diet changes before we found Monica. Thank goodness that's behind us. Homer has been doing really well for many months now. He's finally at a perfect weight, stool is great, and our vet is thrilled. I highly recommend Monica and her approach.

    Jeri and family including Homer


    I wanted to write you to let you know that BlackJack the wonder poodle has now been 2 years cancer free! His last thoracic xray at MSU showed no metastasis. His BUN is still a tad high, but no worse than last year when we talked about this, in fact it was a couple of points lower than last year. I know this number moves around based on various things, however,I ALWAYS fast him for this test. My boy will be 14 in February :)

    I want to thank you for always being available and helpful--and in my mind, Jack's special diet has helped get him through this ordeal and has made ME feel like I'm taking an active part in his care! (despite my cooking abilities :) Here's to all you do for the dogs and people of the world :) Hello to your very special girl, too.

    Cindy Haines
    Traverse City, Michigan

    Words cannot even begin to accurately describe the gratitude I have for Monica, which is why it has taken me months to write this testimonial after a long, determined journey she and I have taken together to get my White Shepherd, Oscar, in better health. His GI tract was like a wild rollercoaster, which made every rib bone, backbone and hip bone stick out of his beautiful white fur.

    I came across Monica Segal on a GSD forum. Several people recommended her books and services when I was posting about how frustrated I was with Oscar's recurring GI problems. After months of staring at her website with Oscar by my side, I finally found myself hitting the "Add to Cart" button to buy a 2-month Adult Dog Consultation.

    In hindsight, I don’t know what took me so long. It has easily been the best money I’ve spent on one of my dogs – and I knew it 2 weeks into working with Monica. Monica is driven – “passionate” would be an understatement. She lives and breathes canine nutrition and is one of the most responsive, professional and caring people I have ever met – not just in a dog-related profession, but in my entire life.

    The support she has offered me through the entire process was nothing short of amazing. Oscar has turned out to be one of her toughest cases, because he just would not gain weight. We went back and forth for months and became friends through the entire process, and Monica became "Auntie Monica" to my special boy.

    What astounds me most is Monica’s incredible, personal approach. Her commitment to her clients is phenomenal. She has helped Oscar go from a 57-pound skinny wienie to a 74.5-pound gorgeous young man who has never been so healthy. Thank you, Monica, for helping our family in ways that only you could have and for never giving up on Oscar.

    Laura Hackbarth (WI)

    I'd heard great things about Monica's work and had purchased and used a few of her pamphlets. Monica joined our "care team" via an adult dog consultation in the fall of 2010. My Jack Russell Terrier (REO) had a history of allergies then we found urinary crystals (spring 2010) and by fall he had urinary stones removed (calcium oxalate). We knew we HAD to make some changes to his diet to help with not only the allergies but now the calcium oxalate issues!
    The process for the consultation was smooth and SO educational!
    -Thinking through and filling out the questionaire prior to the consult made me really think about cause and effect REO had been trying to tell me.
    -I loved the step by step approach. Introducing incrementally meant when REO had a negative response we could ID what didn't agree with him quickly and adjust accordingly.
    -The ongoing communication with Monica was amazing! REO threw us some curve balls! Most (if not all) were probably run of the mill for Monica but they weren't for me! Monica was there to talk me "off the edge"; providing a supportive ear, explaining the pros and cons of our next step "options", and then developing the game plan for the upcoming days/weeks. In the end we discovered REO also has a digestive disorder but even as the list of health issues grew Monica kept on top of it and pointed us toward a plan.

    If it weren't for Monica's help, in all honesty, I don't know that I'd have REO here with me today and for that I am forever grateful! Today he's back to being a busy 3 year old enjoying Rally Obedience, agility, terrier games, hiking and his favorite activity - yard patrol!

    Laura Breckheimer (Mpls)

    You may recall that you reformulated a liver friendly diet for my Australian Shepherd, Rikki. He’s been on it for 2 years now. His ALT when we started this whole process was as high as 1800. For the past 2 years, he has been tested and has been normal. Your diet along with your milk thistle and Zentonil has turned this around for us. Thank you for all the time you spend helping dogs live longer.

    Cheryl Rogalsky

    I'd heard wonderful things about you, but working with you has been better than anyone can describe. Thanks so much for caring about our boy, Scamp. According to blood tests, his kidneys are functioning much, much better. Our vet just can't believe the change. Another thing is that Scamp's coat seemed alright before you formulated his diet, but now it looks better than we knew it could and even his ears don't get infected anymore. Thank you for your magic.

    Donna Turner (CA)

    I'm writing on Dottie's 5th birthday to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing her back to us. We thought she was going to die when we contacted you, but your positive attitude gave us hope. Two and half years after being diagnosed with cancer, she's running around like a puppy and still looks forward to every meal. Thanks for all you do for so many dogs and their people.

    Jackie Nelson (UK)

    It is my pleasure to report that ever since you worked with us on Billy's diet, his IBD has been under control. The skinny dog that couldn't gain weight and was always throwing up or having diarrhea is thriving and we've saved so much worry and time at the vet. Thanks for knowing how to turn him around. You're great to work with and your results speak for themselves.

    Joy Brent (B.C.)

  • This is Oscar - No Bones About It

    Oscar is very handsome, super-high energy, and has a GI challenge. The GI issue was settled quickly with a diet change, but getting those poor bones covered was another story. Oscar's mom Laura, and I are a stubborn team, and we stuck to our guns. Just look at Oscar now! From a skinny 62 pounds to perfect 74.5 pounds. Thanks Laura. You were just wonderful to work with, and I will always remain Oscar's "auntie" in my heart.
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