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Diet Analysis With Corrections


Your dog's current home-prepared diet will be analyzed and changed as necessary to meet NRC guidelines with consideration being given to the individual needs of the dog. 

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  • A diet analysis provides information about the nutrient values of your dog's current home-prepared diet, including calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The final tally is compared to current recommended allowances as set by the National Research Council (NRC).

    This one diet is modified to meet the guidelines, based on your dog's unique needs. You will have up to three email exchanges with Monica to answer your questions once the revised diet has been sent to you.

    Note: We cannot analyze diets that include manufactured or premade foods whether they are kibble, cooked, or raw.

    Please note: The time frame for our waiting list changes weekly. Current waiting list is 2 weeks.

    You will receive a form via email within 24 hours of placing an order. Please complete this form and return it to us within 1 weeks.<br
    Clients who choose to cancel a consultation due to our inability to work with you in a timely fashion because we did not receive the form will incur a $25 administration fee.

  • This consultation option is ideal for people who want their dog's current diet to be changed to meet the National Research Council's guidelines with consideration also being given to the individual needs of their dog and do not require follow-up.
  •  I just wanted to drop a fast email to end your week with a happy note

    It has been almost a month since we have switched Kira to a home cooked diet that you formulated.  Not only does she enjoy it and do her little dance in the kitchen when it’s time to eat, but her tear staining is almost completely gone!  Yes, it could have been allergies or a number of other things, but I truely believe the diet has made this change and she was on a so called high quality kibble.  So glad we made the switch for our new yorkie girl!!!
    The power of food!
    Cindy (U.S.A.)

    I wanted to let you know about Prince's great vet report this week. When he was rescued from his life as a stray in a remote community four years ago, Prince was extremely emaciated, sick and had a lot of joint damage - one of the worst cases the rescue had ever seen. His vet told us he may never regain his muscle mass and that his joint problems would likely be a major problem for him for the rest of his life. All we could do was keep him comfortable and hope for the best.


    However, today Prince is healthy, active and happy! He weighs 80lbs (vs 45lbs when rescued), has a full shiny coat and lots of energy. But the best part is that his arthritis has not gotten any worse, even after he had major hip surgery three years ago.  His vet said he is amazing and she can't believe that each year when she does his annual exam that his mobility hasn't changed at all. I totally attribute this the homemade diet he has been getting since we adopted him, based on Monica's books and consultations. Without all the great advice and guidance, I'm sure he would not be the happy dog he is today. Thank you!!

    Chrintina Bourne U.S.A.


    I can't get over the difference this consultation made. From gross skin to perfect skin, from flabby muscles to firm. I'm a believer.

    Joanne in CA

    How do I say thank you? I thought the diet I was feeding our dog was fine. How would I have known that changing it in the way you did would help him so much? His skin is better than ever and it wasn't bad to begin with, but you should see his eyes. No more gunk! His nails are stronger and he has more energy. I'm not sure if I want to thank you for that part lol.
    Jen Miles

    You know Maggie, of course. We've come back to you every year for the latest information and diet evalutation just to be sure we were being as proactive as possible. The fact that you stress being proactive was what drove us to you in the first place, but who knew? Maggie's turning 14 this year. That's amazing for a Golden. So we wanted to say thank you for your work and dedication. We'll be back next year!
    Marge C.

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