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Monica Segal is certified in Animal Health Care through the University of Guelph (2000) with studies in animal nutrition, physiology, diseases and parasites, as well as pet care. She has been a regular guest on Talk 640 Radio, interviewed on Breakfast Television and City TV in Toronto, KFWB in Los Angeles and Pet Talk hosted by Mitch Wilder.

Monica writes featured articles in many publications throughout North America, has been interviewed by other writers for several magazines, and conducts seminars and workshops by invitation. She hosts an Internet discussion group called K9Kitchen on Facebook and Yahoo. Monica has authored a book called K9Kitchen, Your Dogs' Diet: The Truth Behind The Hype and another called, Optimal Nutrition  which includes a foreword written by Ana Hill DVM, PhD and was published in 2007.

Monica lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband Morley and their dog, Hudson.

Nutritional Philosophy:

Each dog is an individual and needs to be fed that way. Itchy skin, runny eyes, gastrointestinal problems and a myriad of other complaints can often be traced to dietary sensitivities. Certain breeds and individuals are predisposed to particular ailments that may be addressed by dietary modifications. Addressing disease may require a unique change in diet plans. Respecting the needs of individual dogs translates to feeding a diet that supports uniqueness. The notion of there being one perfect way to feed all dogs is a myth. Some will thrive on an all raw diet, others will do best on cooked foods, and yet others will do well eating a combination of both. The choice is based on the dog owner's comfort level with a particular method of feeding and the dog's tolerance level of that choice.


My name is Jody Zesko and my interest in nutrition began almost twenty years ago when my employer opened a new and innovative natural health center. 

This interest expanded to include nutrition for dogs when my husband and I welcomed our first puppy.

After unsuccessfully trying various commercial diets, I realized my dog could benefit from fresh foods. After seeing positive results over the next few years, I was eager to share this passion and in 2005 opened one of Calgary’s first dog shops specializing in raw foods.

Over the next 8.5 years I enjoyed providing guidance to owners regarding this new concept in feeding. As the store wound down in 2013, I took the opportunity to begin formal studies to eventually provide the qualified advice I felt was missing in the industry.

I now look forward to working with Monica and her wonderful roster of canine clients.



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