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Newsletter-February 2015

Tori has a large fan club that asks about her if I don`t update, so this is to let you know that she`s fine. Truth is that this newsletter provides a fairly lengthy discussion that I believe is very important, so rather than reading about Tori I hope you`ll consider the information below for your own beloved dog(s)

Immune System Tune-Up

Popular books, magazines and websites often refer to boosting the immune system. I want to talk about the importance of tuning up that system instead, and the difference between a boost and a tune-up is critical to understand just as it`s critical to health.

Allergies are a sign of an overactive immune system, so the last thing you`d want to do is boost it. Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia is another example of a boosted immune system. When the immune system goes awry, one of two things happens. Either that system confuses an invader (think bacteria, etc) with `self`, and attacks its own cells, or it fails to do a good job of fighting the invader and allows some things (infections are a common example) to take hold. Some diseases are strongly linked to the immune system as well.

An immunomodulator is any substance that helps to regulate the immune system. The idea of regulating it is to normalize it. I`d be willing to bet that this will be one of the biggest things (and become a buzzword) during this century because it helps to optimize immune function rather than mop up the spills of a messed up system. The goal is a massive one: give immunomodulators to dogs with a low immune system and expect to raise immunity; give it to a dog with a normal immune system and expect to keep it functioning optimally; give it to a dog with an overactive immune system and expect to normalize it. As I said - massive goal!

How immunnomodulators work is largely a mystery. Why they work better for some than for others is also a mystery. That said, there`s no denying it when you see it having an effect, and there are some studies (I`ve found none in dogs, but my client roster suggests success!) Here`s a list of what I`ve used successfully.

Melatonin (dosage depends on the case and should be discussed with a veterinarian) and here`s a paper (the link will take you to a pdf download) to support the idea.

Magnesium: ensure the diet provides enough of it based on the dog`s requirement rather than a belief system. Low magnesium has been linked to immune system problems, and plays about 300 roles in the body. Not only do many dogs not receive enough of it, but it`s estimated that about 75% of the human population walks around with this deficiency.

Vitamin D3: Deficiency has been linked to autoimmune disorders.

CoQ10: Interestingly, a new study in human patients with MS show the excellent impact of this supplement. The reason this is something to consider seriously is because MS is considered to be an autoimmune disease. I`ve been using CoQ10 more and more often in diets and the results are exciting.

Red raspberry ellagitannins prevent destruction of the P53 gene (prevents mutagenic activity in cervical cells) by cancer cells, slows the growth of abnormal cells in the human colon and showed similar results for prostate, breast, skin, pancreatic and esophageal cancers. If that's not enough, they also help to breakdown leukemia cells in people. Ellagitannins protect the body by preventing cells from mutating. The tests at the Hollings Cancer Institute showed that breast and cervical cancer cells began to stop mutating just 3 days after ellegaic acid was introduced. Further, the red raspberry ellagitannins inactivate some cancer-causing chemicals. Important information is in this newsletter.

Taurine: This abstract isn`t new, but it`s worth reviewing. I never formulate a diet without adding this. People think of taurine for heart function and yes, it`s great for that, but there`s a lot more to it!

For Your Dog (save $6.98 per package!) A balanced diet specific to your dog`s needs is the very basis of health. The importance of immunoregulators is so real to me that we put the Healthy Energy Package together at a great discount as compared to buying the items individually. Many people take advantage of it regularly, and so, I wanted to provide the thinking behind it, and remind you that you have more say in your dogs`health than you might think!

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