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Newsletter - July 2012

Your own dogs may have taught you what to do about the dangers in your life, but just in case s/he has missed something, here's Tori's advice:

People walking toward your house at a fast pace: Bark non-stop until they pass, but remember to bark a few times once they're gone as well. That'll show 'em!

People walking dogs: As above, but with a more serious tone, an attempt to growl, and don't forget to leave spit on the window.

People on bicycles: Place front paws on window sill and bark with enough intensity that you push yourself up and down. This will make you look bigger and more ferocious.

Garbage trucks: Bark (of course), making sure to paw the window. Try to snarl and spray the window with spit.

People entering your home: Race to the door, bark to show them who's boss. Wag your tail, become friends with the person, and bark and cry when they leave.

Thunder and lightening: Thunder is overrated and not to be feared, but lightening means you should run to the basement and hide under the desk.

One final thought: None of the above are dangerous if they occur at meal times. Always go for the food and ask questions later.

Save Money & Save a Life

Our supplement packages save you money, but from now until July 31st they'll also help to save some dogs. For every package sold, we'll donate $2 in your honor to the SE Michigan Westie Rescue. Having had personal experience with someone at this rescue, I can attest to the care and love these dogs deserve and receive.

Please consider these savings packages to help your own dog as well as others:

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Vegan Dog Food

While there are arguments made as to whether dogs are carnivores or omnivores, I've yet to see a successful presentation of them being herbivores. And yet, commercial vegan diets exist. Why is that? Well, there truly is the odd case of a dog that's so allergic to meat and fish protein that s/he can't eat anything but legumes, veggies and grains. But it's an odd case, not the norm. People might make the decision to feed a vegan diet to a dog for other reasons - like a belief in animal welfare such that they translate it to every aspect of their lives, including their dog's diet. Some people are so adamant about it that they attempt to covert the masses and others do it quietly, but the same could be said for people feeding home-prepared diets be they raw or cooked. So, this isn't a judgement call on my part. Feed what you will, but be aware that dogs are not people and their nutrient requirements shouldn't be met with inferior ingredients simply because those ingredients make the owner happy.

Let me give you three examples of vegan diets that I saw. The first had the following food ingredients: ground rice, soybean meal and pearl barely. The second had corn, barley, oats, carrots and peas. The third had rice, cracked barley, peas...and another 9 food ingredients as well as herbs, but they also suggested that eggs be fed at least twice weekly. That means the diet itself may be vegan, but the recommendation doesn't fall into line with vegan ideology

Would you buy a food that lists corn as the first ingredient if this wasn't a vegan diet? Would you buy a food that is made up of all, or almost all genetically modified foods? Some vegan diets are made of organic foods, so that may not be a concern, but not all are in this category. My feeling is that while vegan diets may not be the end of the world, they should nevertheless be nutritious and not cause harm. If you feed this way because your dog is allergic to meat protein, keep in mind that food allergies can include those to grains, soy et al. The more ingredients on the label, the more confusing it becomes to decipher what the dog may be reacting to, so try to keep it simple.

Vegan diets are almost always lacking in some necessary amino acids, so supplemental amino acids should be listed as part of the ingredients.

Nature designed dogs in a way that tells us they're not vegans. Dentition, jaw, prey drive...these are clues that we should be feeding them what they were designed to eat - which isn't the diet of an herbivore. I'm not at all sure that vegan diets are the best for most dogs and I don't formulate these types of diets. But if you're going to feed them, please choose high quality ingredients and be sure the diet does indeed meet requirements. Don't be fooled by the protein content because not all protein is created equal. The biological value of protein should be considered. Dig deeper before making decisions.

Personally Speaking

This month:

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Vegetarian Summer Pizza

Have a great July!


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