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Newsletter - June 2014

She will be 8 years old on June 19th, and we're crazier about her now than ever before. Maybe it's because she's such a good girl, or such a strong girl, or maybe it's just because she's our own girl. Tori`s a force to be reckoned with, spoiled rotten (we make no apologies for that), and she gives us joy every single day. Happy birthday, peanut.

The Inside Scoop

Despite that there are many brands of vitamins and minerals, the actual market for raw materials has been shrinking. Try to find dry vitamin E that doesn't come from China, and you'll discover that it's almost impossible. I say almost because maybe we missed a source, but we haven't found even one to date. The stock we have is all that we'll ever have, and this affects one of our products - Antioxidant Booster. No worries. We have stock for the moment, but when it's gone, it's gone! We will continue to offer Booster, but the dry vitamin E that is in the product now will no longer be available...because we do NOT do China! Of course, the site will make note of any change, so you will always know what to expect prior to ordering.

Then there are changes in laws that govern supplements for people and animals. A product in Canada must have a natural product number (NPN) if it's being sold for human consumption. It must be issued a veterinary number if it's being used for animals. The hiccup is that products made for people are often made with superior quality ingredients, but getting that veterinary number isn't possible. Yet, trying to get a NPN restricts the product to people only, and the process of applying for that number and waiting (as long as 3 years!) for approval is full of red tape. Approximately seven of our products will be affected in that we will continue to have them, but not with our own label. We'll be using a manufacturer that does compounding, so they have their NPNs, but we have to use their labels in order to show it. The good part is that we maintain control over raw products not being from China. The iffy news is that it could be a challenge to see our product and this manufacturer's product with the same label and ingredient list, and try to explain that it may look the same, but is actually different. The challenge of owning a small, niche business that caters to dogs with educated and caring owners continues to grow, but there's nothing we'd rather do. You'll be seeing label changes over the next few months, but our products remain what you know them to be.

Antioxidant Booster: Save $3 per bottle. Limit: 6 bottles per customer. Our product is based on Meeker raspberries which provides a top notch source of ellagitannins. Read details as to why Ellagic Acid supplements and ellagitannis are not the same thing. Don't be fooled! We continue to receive emails from happy customers about this product. The latest was from Jonnathan Macri who wrote:

`` I rarely write a review, but this supplement helped our dogs so much that it`s warranted. The digestive tract of one of the older dogs has become robust, our rescue has much better skin, and the youngest has stopped eating dirt. Hard to believe the differences we`ve seen!

Personally Speaking

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