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Newsletter - March 2006

The News At Home

We’re expecting a baby. Yes, I’m 50 years old but if they can do it Hollywood, why not Toronto? Ok, so it’s a four-legged baby with a tail - what’s your point? Like most older dogs, Cassie isn’t fond of pups. Especially when they jump at her face or get the puppy “zoomies” around the house. But she does put up with them, starts to warm to them relatively soon and of course, enjoys being the boss shortly thereafter. We really hope that Avery will become Cassie’s buddy and we want to publicly thank Stephanie Hart of Cailloux Cavaliers.

What’s New at

Multi Mineral Complex

Saying that we’re excited about finally having our own Multi Mineral Complex would be an understatement! This has been a need for many dogs eating home-prepared diets of any kind. This product is the result of several years of searching and testing and we’re very proud of the quality and purity. The forms of minerals are well absorbed and in my experience over the years, tolerated by most dogs.

The amounts and array of minerals in these capsules are on our web site. Check out the details and we’re sure you’ll agree that this is one of the best products available anywhere.

Fact of the Month: Many Home-Prepared Diets are Deficient in Potassium

Analyzing diets over the years has brought home a point that can’t be ignored. Many, if not most, of these diets are deficient in potassium. This is an interesting fact because potassium is the third most abundant mineral in the healthy body. Its functions include osmotic balance. To understand this a little better, think of one tiny cell with water on both sides of it. The pressure concentration on either side of this cell is what osmotic balance refers to. In addition, potassium is also involved in acid base balance which, in plain English, means the normal equilibrium between acids and alkalis in the body.

Potassium’s jobs don’t end there. It’s also involved in muscle contraction, transmission of never impulses, a process of making protein cells and carbohydrate metabolism. The last two functions include potassium working within enzyme systems. Although the bioavailability of potassium from food sources is very high, this mineral is not well stored by the body. For this reason, it should be part of the daily diet in the correct amount. An increased requirement for potassium exists when the diet is high in protein or is calorie dense. Lactating bitches need more of this mineral and so do dogs that get a lot of exercise or become a bit overheated. In regular pet homes, my observation is that a low potassium diet may not actually show grave signs but that the dog seems to become affected in ways that leave the dog owner a little baffled or the dog is deemed to be “older”. Typically, the dog slows down all of a sudden or seems to have weaker balance and the gait may become a little stiff. While many times, the assumption is that the dog has become arthritic, correcting the potassium level of the diet has worked small wonders.

In cases of dogs that perform in activities such as Agility, the correct amount of potassium has made the difference between a dog that soars and one that just makes it through before showing extreme tiredness once back home. Analyze your dog’s diet to see if the addition of a potassium source is necessary. While some meat and bone diets without vegetables meet requirements well, the source of your chosen foods makes a big difference. In most cases, the addition of potato, sweet potato, squashes and bananas will help. Otherwise, No-Salt, a salt substitute that provides potassium without sodium can be used. You’ll find this next to table salt at most grocery stores.

Tip of the Month

When cold weather demands that the furnace be on all the time, a dog’s skin can become flakey. Before attempting to change the diet, use a humidifier and see if this helps. If the dog had nice skin prior to the furnace being turned on, chances are that the dry air is what’s behind the problem. Don’t have a humidifier? Placing a few pots of water throughout the home can be very helpful.


“Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative.” -- Mordecai Siegal, Contemporary Writer



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