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Newsletter-March 2020

What we choose to feed our dogs is a facet of health that pet parents have the greatest control over. This is a good thing because it's also one of the most important factors to maximize a dog's overall health and life expectancy.

It's also one of the more confusing subjects pet parents come up against. There are so many opposing opinions that many people become almost immobilized by fear of doing the wrong thing. Many diets we see being promoted online and in books aren't balanced for long term feeding, much less optimal -and that's why we felt it was time to launch our Core diets. These are not just recipes- they are diet plans with instructions, caloric guidelines, tips and analysis.

Although we'd hoped they would be appreciated we weren't expecting the incredible response they've received! Thank you!

We're very excited to announce our Core2 recipes available for instant access on our site.

We've listened to your suggestions on ingredients you'd like to see included- ground turkey, sardines, eggs, veggies….and more!

As with Core 1, these are offered as a raw diet, cooked with grain, or without grain. Mix and match as outlined within the booklets and feel free to use two or more in rotation for greater variety.

We love to hear about the wonderful changes you've seen in your dogs since introducing the diet(s) and of course we love pictures. We look forward to your updates at



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