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Newsletter - May 2013

Puppy Season

Maybe I'm just noticing more puppies lately, but it looks like half the neighborhood got a puppy this year. There's an explosion of small, wiggly butts on four paws parading around, and Tori's not sure what to make of it. The expression on her face as she watches through the window is a cross between fear and excitement. I can't say that I blame her. Watching new dog owners with long leashes wrapped around their ankles being dragged down the street by pups without any training is scary indeed, but the enthusiasm of those pups is infectious.

Tori barks at all of the puppies except one. I'm guessing that it's because she's nervous when faced with crazy. The little guy leaps in the air as if he was on a trampoline, pounces on imaginary objects....and reminds me of Tori years ago. That's right, little girl. You were crazy once, too.

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Personally Speaking

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