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Newsletter - May 2014

She woofs. She makes that exact sound. Woof. Standing on top of the sofa, looking out the window, head turning left and right just in case anyone, or anything has the audacity to come near her property, she lets out an ear-piercing bark...followed by a Woof. Then there's the slightest pause followed by another... Woof.

We've never had a dog who did that. Some made other noises, especially Cassie who would puff her cheeks like a blowfish and exhale a loud whoosh sound. So, here we are with a woofer who's going to be eight years old next month. It may not sound like a big deal, but given all this girl has battled and won during her lifetime, everything she does, including her woof, seems like a miracle.

Essential For The Immune System

Many things are essential for the immune system, and nutrition is key. In fact, nutrition is widely recognized as the cornerstone. If you had to name just one mineral that plays crucial roles, including enzyme function (we'd all be dead without enzyme functions), you should choose zinc. It's so vital that listing all functions of zinc would take at least a chapter in a book, but consider these as a start: plays a role in genetic expression (this alone should make us pause!), cell division and growth, over 200 enzyme functions, cofactor for the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (an enzyme that helps break down potentially harmful oxygen molecules in cells), and is essential for growth.

Based on this, you can see why ensuring that your home-made diet includes enough (but not an excessive amount because you don't want to reach a dangerous level) zinc is so important. Don't guess. Don't assume. Compare your dog's zinc requirement per NRC to the amount of zinc your dog's home-prepared (raw or cooked) diet provides, and use a supplement to fill in the gap.

Zinc: Save 10% off per bottle (maximum 3 bottles per order) - expiry April 2015

Say Good-Bye to Alfalfa

We will be discontinuing alfalfa from our supplement line. It's a fantastic, organic product (not GMO!) from Canada, and we've been so pleased to offer it, but sadly, everything comes to an end at some point. It's become cost prohibitive to continue carrying it, but you have the opportunity to purchase the last of this product now. We have a very limited quantity.

Personally Speaking

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Monica "Meow" means "Woof" in cat ~ George Carlin



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