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Newsletter - November 2007

Tori and I went for a walk on October 30th. Many houses around here are decked out for Halloween, and pumpkins are everywhere. Tori seems to think the pumpkins on porches are potential friends or toys of some sort. She found it difficult to move past any house that displayed decorations, pumpkins in particular. This changed when we reached a house that has huge, carved pumpkins on the lawn, around the base of one tree and on the porch. She pulled on the leash so hard that I became curious about what made this particular house special. Surely the pumpkins were just too tempting for her, I thought. I was wrong. Paws flying past the decorations, Tori wanted to go inside this particular house. The owners have their own dog, and are familiar with Tori, so we were invited inside. Neither pumpkins nor another dog were on Tori’s mind. Instead, she moved straight to the kitchen where popcorn balls were being made, and she began to whine. The nose knows!.

What’s New at  New Booklet: Canine Cancer 2nd Edition

Offering new information that includes some of the latest research initiatives, as well as two raw and two cooked diet samples for 20 pound, 50 pound, and 70 pound dogs, this new booklet also discusses myths that circulate on the Internet.

A diagnosis of cancer demands action based on facts. The power of foods and dietary supplements should not be ignored. Both offer hope, and in many cases, have proven to extend longevity. This important information should be considered by anyone with a dog that has cancer, and should not be ignored by those who believe that having the knowledge before it becomes mandatory to find it is a key component to caring for our dogs

Fact of the Month:  Satin Balls Are Unbalanced

There are many variations of this recipe on the Internet. The mixture is meant to help dogs gain weight. If used as a treat, it may not be bad, but feed it more often and you’re likely to cause problems. Let’s start by looking at the recipe:

10 lbs. hamburger (the cheapest kind.)

1-1/4 cups molasses

1-1/4 cup vegetable oil

10 raw eggs with shell

1 lg. ) 1 pound) box Total cereal

1 jar (20 oz.) wheat germ

1 lg. box oatmeal

10 envelopes unflavored gelatin

The entire recipe provides 24,303 kilocalories, so let’s break this down to a more workable number. To maintain bodyweight, a moderately active dog 58-60 pound dog requires about 1,008 kilocalories per day. We arrive at 1,012 kilocalories by using the recipe over a 24 day period. Based on this, an analysis shows the following:

Calcium requirement is 1,549 mg, Diet provides 1,493 mg

Phosphorus requirement is 1,191.55 mg. Diet provides 854.50 mg

Magnesium requirement is 234.74. Diet provides 237.31 (good news)

Sodium requirement is 312.19 mg. Diet provides 290 mg

Potassium requirement is 1,668.17 mg. Diet provides 1,276.65 mg

Iron requirement is 11.92 mg. Diet provides 19.99 mg

Copper requirement is 2.38 mg.Diet provides 0.83 mg

Zinc requirement is 23.83 mg.Diet provides 22.45 

Selenium requirement is 140.60 mcg. Diet provides 58.77 mcg

Iodine; requirement is 352.70 mcg. Diet provides no iodine

The news about vitamins isn’t much better. The diet is grossly deficient in vitamins A and D. It is also deficient in vitamins B2, B-12, and vitamin E.

Rather than looking for a quick-fix, feed a balanced diet. Clearly, this satin ball recipe will negatively impact your dog’s health over time. Indeed, if added to a diet that is already balanced, you are over supplying some minerals and certainly underfeeding others, but now, the entire diet becomes grossly unbalanced. Healthy weight gain comes from increasing calories, but it is critical to consider the nutrient value of the diet as a whole.


“I think we are drawn to dogs because they are the uninhibited creatures we might be if we weren't certain we knew better.’ -- George Bird Evans, "Troubles with Bird Dogs"



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