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Newsletter - October 2010

The News At Home

A quiet, peaceful kind of rain is coming down as I write this. I can hear it falling on the leaves of the large maple tree just outside the window. Tori is snuggled in bed, safe and dry, just the way she likes it. I, on the other hand, am not as comfy. Tori has a habit of sniffing the air when I open the door to let her out. If she deems it suitable, she’ll go outside, and if it’s raining, she’ll look up at me as if to say that I’m obviously not appreciate of her distaste for getting her tender toes wet. Today was different. She went out in the rain and became energized. Like a happy little buffalo, she kicked her feet, ran in circles and managed to find the one area of the yard that gets muddiest of all. Short of rolling in the mud, she did it all, and came back pretty much dripping mud with every step. Her coat is long, so the fact that it was dripping too was an added bonus.

A bath cleaned her up nicely but of course, she shook to get the wetness off her, so mud sprayed both the bathroom and me before we were done. I dried her off, cleaned the bathroom, took a shower... no more than any of you have done, really. And like most of you, I cursed under my breath and wondered why. Why does the fact that a dog acts like a dog drive me crazy sometimes? But you know what? It doesn’t really matter because watching her sleep soundly now, after having had some fun brings a kind of peace that only dog owners can understand.

What’s New at

Special Early Bird Draw!

Your response to the telephone conference (seminar by phone) has been so overwhelming that it’s caught the attention of BELL. We’ve been offered one free line for registries prior to Oct.6th and we’ll have a draw on the day of the seminar to see who the lucky participant to receive a $40 refund will be. If you’ve already registered, your name has been included in the draw. If you haven’t, do it before Oct.6th and you may just be the winner. Topic: The Power of Food: Key Factors Toward Disease Prevention.   New information about cancer fighting foods and the science behind them, specific herbs for various purposes, the connection between your dog’s DNA and foods (nutrigenomics), and a host of proactive approaches that can benefit your dog. Here’s a sample of what I want to talk to you about: How are biological traits passed down from one generation to the next? If you said “genetics” then you’re only half right. Think of the sequence of DNA as letters in a book. You can change the book’s story if you staple some of the pages together. You didn’t change or delete a single letter in the book, but you can’t read certain pages or an entire chapter, and that can change the entire story. What’s the big deal, DNA or non-DNA? The big deal is that non-DNA inheritance responds to your environment. Things like diet can change your non-DNA inheritance.

Date: Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Time: 11 am EST (8am Pacific) Length: Approximately 2 hours Price: $40 (no long distance charge)

Registered participants will join the call using the coordinates (phone number, unique passcode, & personal PIN) which I will email to them. Non-registered participants will NOT be granted access to the conference. Your PIN can be used once only. Please guard your reservation.

Bonus: I do my best to bring books and supplements that people ask for when I speak at a seminar. Since this can’t happen by phone, I will be emailing you a unique code as we get closer to the seminar date. This code can be used once on the day of the seminar only and will allow a 10% refund (applied to your credit card) on all products and services on my site. The discount does not apply to freight charges.

Refund Policy: There are no refunds for this event. Please be sure to join me on the correct day at the correct time.

Although there will be a question and answer period toward the end of the presentation, please feel free to email me with a general question (not specific to your dog’s diet) after you’ve registered. I’ll do my best to answer it on Oct. 10th and can’t wait to “meet” you!

Myth of The Month

Dogs Need Meat

Actually, they don’t. They might like the taste of meat, but what dogs actually need is the correct amount of essential amino acids, and sometimes, conditionally essential amino acids. We don’t have to feed meat in order to provide them. Eggs, milk products (yogurt, cheese) and fish can do that, and in fact, have higher biological values than meat does. That’s not to say that meat shouldn’t be fed, but no, dogs don’t need it.

I’m sometimes asked about vegan diets and I’ll be honest. I don’t favor them for dogs. Getting all the amino acids in the correct amounts isn’t all that easy when we feed only vegetable products. Yes, you can feed soy and do better, but many dogs simply don’t tolerate it and even those that do,  need to eat quite a lot of it to meet their needs. Combinations of foods like rice and beans can provide a pretty good amino acid profile, but again, you need to feed a lot of it. Most dogs will reward you by having gas, and much as that can be a nuisance, it can also be a risk for dogs with a tendency to bloat.

Vegetarian diets are more within my comfort zone. I’m not an advocate for them being fed to dogs, but if we’re willing to feed eggs and milk products, most dogs can do well. These diets need more supplemental vitamins and minerals, but yes, they can be great. The diets I favor most contain meat/poultry, fish and/or eggs, but is meat really a “need”? No.

Blog of The Month A little brag: Tori has been featured on the blog of none other than Mariah Hilton. I told you last month that we’d hired Mariah for a photography session, and although we have many incredible pictures now, her blog seems the best way for you to see just a bit of that day. Something to keep in mind is that none - I repeat, none - of these pictures were posed for. Yes, we’d heard she was considered to be the best by people “in the know”, but seeing how she works is an education unto itself.

Mariah seems to lie in the grass or on the carpet, or sits silently until she becomes almost invisible. Her eye is so astute that she magically captures moments... like the one between Morley and Tori. If ever a picture was worth a thousand words, this is the one! As a friend of mine said when she saw the photos, “Mariah captured not just Tor’s essence, but her life” So, now we have the best gift anyone can give themselves. Incredible moments, captured forever by an artist with her camera, and that”s what I want to share with you.

If you live in this area or close enough that bringing Mariah to you is possible, I couldn”t recommend her more. And just in case you”re wondering, no, we”re not affiliated with her business in any way. I just wish everyone could experience her magic with dogs.


“When a dog wags her tail and barks at the same time, how do you know which end to believe?” - Anonymous



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