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Newsletter - October 2011

The News At Home

Toronto temperatures have finally cooled and like most dogs, Tori has a spring to her step when autumn rolls around. She was strutting her stuff around the perimeter of the yard and came to an abrupt halt. With eyes fixated on the lattice fence in the back, her tail began to wag excitedly. I know my dog. That kind of tail wag is reserved for other animals. I walked over to check it out and there, right there - a mamma cat with four tiny kittens. It was interesting to watch the interaction. The cat didn't seem upset in the least, the kittens were oblivious and Tori remained absolutely quiet. Then, she looked up at me with sheer joy in her eyes. Funny, isn't it? We might think that brisk play and long walks are the stuff that a dog's quality of life is made of. But if you're Tori, a gentle encounter with living beings on the other side of the fence makes your whole day.

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What is Holistic Kibble?

The term comes up again and again and while it certainly seems to appeal to some folks, it makes no sense whatsoever. The implication is that this kibble is somehow better than others, but is it really? The definition of holistic is "relating to or concerned with wholes or complete systems as opposed to fragmenting parts." As concerns the canine diet, the body as a whole requires protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Some "holistic kibble" claims include that it's meant to do more than eliminate hunger. I would hope so! AAFCO and the NRC have ensured that all formulated diets do much more than that. Other claims include that holistic kibble supports healthy joints. So does Hill's J/D which is not a "holistic kibble". In fact, the worst kibble on the market can support healthy joints if it happens to contain fish body oil and/or some glucosamine because it will also provide the basic nutrients needed to be approved by AAFCO. There's a lot of marketing hype happening in the dog food world these days and in my opinion, most is based on emotional presentations and belief systems rather than reality. I've written about designer kibble before and my opinion hasn't changed. The fact is that your dog needs a simple and balanced diet. A claim of high quality can be judged as being factual or not by looking at the ingredient list. A label claiming the food is holistic doesn't necessarily mean it's high quality, but it can mean they saw you coming.


"A watchdog is a dog kept to guard your home, usually by sleeping where a burglar would awaken the household by falling over him." -Anonymous



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