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Newsletter-October 2016

Every month, I receive emails from clients who quote their veterinarians as saying " I don't know what you're doing, but keep doing it!" when they recheck blood work. The only thing that changed was diet, so why is it being shrugged off, or overlooked? Why aren't we taking note of these cases, so we can discuss what is working? I consider it to be an opportunity lost, so let me give you a few examples of cases in which very simple things had a huge impact.

A) A dog with kidney disease and blood test results that keep getting worse can have improved values when switched to a home-prepared diet balanced for this one dog rather than generic advice. By honing in on the exact needs of a dog we manage to slow down the progression quite dramatically. This is not a fluke. It happens in almost all cases I've worked with because we can be laser focused and adjust the diet as the disease progresses. Seemingly small adjustments can have amazing impact. That said, it should be done early rather than waiting until the dog is so sick that s/he doesn't want to eat. The best diet is worthless if left in the bowl, so there needs to be serious thought to acting quickly.

B) Many of the home-prepared diets that I analyze are deficient in zinc. This mineral plays so many roles in the body that we could probably devote a book to it. Of the many problems to show up due to insufficient zinc, diarrhea and weight loss were the two that a dog I just finished working with was suffering with. This guy had fecal tests, blood tests, and was even scoped, but of course, nutritional causes of disease are difficult (sometimes impossible) to find, and open to interpretation. We can't truly know if a diet is balanced well for an individual dog if that diet is never analyzed. That said, please don't add zinc on a whim. It can cause serious issues if that's not what is wrong with the diet in the first place.

C) In July, I had a case of a dog who was fine with the exception of his skin. Mysterious red spots on his belly would come and go on their own. The dog didn't seem itchy. An analysis of the home made diet showed a lack of zinc, so I added it, adjusted the calcium content of the diet, and saw improvement in 4 weeks. Then we added flaxseed oil with lignans. The latter can be helpful to skin, so I sometimes use it with wild salmon oil, but rarely in lieu of it. Vitamin E is being added weekly. This is a reduction from what was in the original diet. Great excess of vitamin E can thin the blood while providing a healthy amount is strongly suggested.

D) Three weeks ago, a dog with a history of chronic gastrointestinal problems (gas, sloppy stool at least once weekly) started getting digestive enzymes added to all meals and extra B vitamins. The digestive enzymes are full spectrum, so they help to break down the protein, fat, carbs, etc. in food in order to spare some of this work for the body. The supplemental B vitamins are of great help in these cases because they play supportive roles in GI health. Today, this same dog makes the owner happy by producing firm stools. So, when someone sees success with a problem that stumped them in the past, it may be an opportunity to share the understanding of what helped. This can be en eye opener for other dog owners and even veterinarians.

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Being hosted by the Cavalier Fanciers Club (and open to everyone regardless of the breed of your dog) I'm looking forward to seeing you in the Guelph Ontario area to talk about a protocol I've been using with good results for about two years now. Nutrition is my passion and focus and of course, your questions and personal concerns about your dogs are what will make this a robust workshop.

Saturday, November 5 at 9 AM - 5 PM Badenoch Community Centre Details and contact information:


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