5 Natural Solutions To Your Dog’s Diarrhea

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014
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Sometimes medications are the best solution, and sometimes a natural approach works so well that meds are avoided – my favorite scenario!. Here are a few things that work really well for a lot of dogs:


Problem: Diarrhea

In all cases: it can be due to parasites, indiscriminate eating, GI diseases…you need to know the “why”. But for the odd bout of the poopies, fasting the dog for 12-24 hours rests the GI tract. Some people say it’s not necessary, but I find it really helps because the more you feed, the longer the system seems to stay on auto-pilot to flush everything out. Keeping the dog hydrated during a fast is critical though. Encourage water consumption, and if the dog refuses, try adding a bit of chicken broth (skim any fat).Diarrhea combined with vomiting = vet visit, sooner rather than later.

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How To Get Rid of Yeast

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014
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Ouija-boardish notions can end up prolonging suffering. A dog with yeast overgrowth is not a happy animal, and I’ll admit to being short tempered when I read some of the articles/blogs/websites that provide less than factual information. Frankly, we need to do better than that, so to that end, I want to walk you through the real deal about yeast.


What it is: The most common type of yeast in dogs is called Malassezia, and is a normal resident of the skin. Normal. Keep that in mind.


What it isn’t: a new invader.It’s been coexisting quite happily and harmoniously on your dog forever.

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Dogs Living Well With Heart Disease

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014
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I received an email about one week ago. It was a birthday announcement for a dog who belongs to a client. Chevi has just turned twelve, and seeing the latest picture of him made me smile. It also made me want to tell his story because his owner and I have kept in touch to tweak his diet as necessary over the years. Rita gave me permission, so I’m going to quote her because she says it better than I can.


“A year and a half ago, the cardiologist thought he probably would not see age 11.  He’s been fighting heart disease now for 3 years.

The good days still outnumber the bad… Still barking at the mailman, patrolling the backyard fence line, playing a little ball.  Life is good.

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