6 Ways to Stop Dogs From Eating Poop

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018
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Why does my dog eat poop? How do I  stop my dog from eating poop? These are two very popular questions that dog owners with poop eating dogs ask on a daily basis.  Why dogs do it is unknown. Regardless of who says otherwise, it’s really not factual. Some say it’s because puppies see their mothers doing it when mom cleans the pups, and they start to imitate her. Others say dogs eat stool because instinct drives them to remove anything that might identify them to another dog, or different species. Yet others claim it’s due to the diet being fed (which actually can have some impact), or that the dog is missing something in the diet.

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Older Dogs

Thursday, March 15th, 2018
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Inflammatory markers increase as dogs age just as they do in people. Chronic Inflammation is part of all kinds of nasty things (cancers, et al), so we want to push anti-inflammatory foods and supplements. We want to do that for all dogs, but especially the older ones. I could show you a zillion foods, herbs, and products that may help, but these are the basics. I didn’t include acidophilus in the collage, but only because it actually depends a lot on what the diet includes to begin with. For most dogs, I want acidophilus 2-3 x weekly. 

How To Choose a Canine Nutritionist

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018
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People looking for someone to formulate a balanced home-prepared diet (raw, or cooked) for their dog, or who want to feed a combination of kibble, or raw foods as well as fresh foods often do a search for these terms:

Canine nutritionist, dog nutritionist, canine nutrition consultant, canine raw feeding consultant, raw feeding specialist, nutrition advisor, and perhaps others. Trying to sort through the titles people may use to define themselves can be confusing. Here are some facts to help you out.


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