The Vet Wish List

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013
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Actually, many people in the pet biz might want to say similar things, but having spoken to 31 vets over the last 5 months about exactly this subject,  here are their most common comments. The first seems so self evident that I was shocked to hear it over and over again.


1. You may not be able to smell your dog, but others can. Unless the animal is too sick, please bathe the dog before bringing him/her to see me. It’s no different from washing before seeing your doctor, or brushing your teeth before seeing the dentist.


2. Bring a list of presenting complaints, current medications, supplements and your questions to the vet visit. You may forget what you meant to ask if you feel overwhelmed by information just presented to you, or even during a conversation about a new symptom. We can work together more efficiently if you prepare for the appointment ahead of time. Read more The Vet Wish List