Fear-Based Decisions

Thursday, April 25th, 2019

Some of the poorer diets we come across are ones based on fear-based decisions. It’s easy to understand how someone can be pushed into acting on a directive like “Any raw is better than no raw at all” especially considering dog food recalls and the taurine controversy.  In some social media circles people are made to feel that kibble kills so any type of fresh food addition must be better.

We understand the fears because although it’s been many years, we’ve been where some of you are now. It’s exactly for that reason that we offer what we wish had been available to us.



♦ If you want to continue feeding commercial foods that meet AAFCO, but want to add fresh, functional foods with a targeted approach rather than risk unbalancing the diet: Kibble/Raw Plus.



♦ Ready to kick it up a notch for your healthy dog? Not sure if you’ll have the time to do 100% home prepared foods? Maybe you’d prefer a balanced 50% commercial food and 50% home-prepared. Prefer to feed 100% home-prepared? Do it your way: Proactive Adult Dog Consultation.



♦ Your dog is ill, or overweight, or has behavioral issues and you’re aware that a fresh food diet has incredible potential to improve quality of life and even extend life in many cases: Health Concerns Adult Dog Consultation.



♦ You’re committed to growing your puppy on a home prepared diet because you know the benefits: Puppy Consultation.



♦ Not sure about some things, need to talk it out and find a comfortable roadmap: Telephone Consultation.

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