Grooming Favorites

Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

We’re picky about grooming products for our own dogs and we know you are too. Who wouldn’t want gentle effective products? Of course it’s all about what a dog tolerates and since we work with a lot of dogs with allergies we try to focus on hypoallergenic items.


This shampoo was purchased for Hudson in an effort to have something really mild and unlikely to cause a skin reaction. It’s been a staple here ever since. Such a gentle coconut smell!


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The Duoxo line of shampoo therapies are often a go-to for some veterinary dermatologists. Tori has some serious skin issues due to medications for her diagnosis of IMHA and this is one of the items that really fought her itchiness well. Still, we are not veterinarians and you may want to check with your dog’s doctor before using anything that’s considered a therapy. We give this product 5 stars for sure!




The Duoxo microemulsion spray that the vet prescribed was very quick to show results for Tori. The yeast overgrowth calmed down and she was a much happier dog when this became part of her shampoo therapy.




Sometimes it’s about keeping the dog inside the tub without getting the walls covered in that awesome shampoo! This distraction works beautifully.




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