Kitchen Favorites

Sunday, September 15th, 2019

When clients ask us which products we like we point them to this (Favorite Things) area of the blog. We use these items ourselves and feel confident when saying they’re our favorites.


Our preferences for the kitchen are based on needs for efficiency, easy clean-up, time savers and getting a fair deal with consideration to quality.


Having the right tools in the kitchen makes food prep more efficient, clean-up easier, and saves money in the long run.


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We use this kitchen scale because it’s accurate, slim, light-weight and wipes clean easily.


This set of measuring spoons includes 1/3 and 1/16 teaspoon. The 1/3 measure (sometimes needed for supplements in particular diet plans) is hard to find, so we would like it for that reason alone, but this set happens to wear really well so the price is worth it.


Mortar and pestle is a huge time saver for crushing eggshells or some supplements for a dog’s diet, and does double duty for the humans using cooking herbs (or chili peppers as per image below). The key is to use a solid, dependable version (ask Monica about another brand that ended up breaking into a million pieces) that washes well, so no residue left behind. The one below is exactly what we wanted.


Meat grinders are often used by people who grind their own raw meaty bones for raw diets, but they’re also handy for grinding meats and can end up saving you money. The stronger the motor, the greater the chance the grinder can do the job on bones without breaking down. Although no manufacturer claims it’s ok to grind bones in their machines, we’ve had good luck with this one. Chicken necks, wings, backs, entire carcass, rabbit – all have flown right through without a glitch. Even (dare we say it?) turkey necks have been ok. The chute is large enough to handle them and the metal parts make it a pretty smooth process. Mind you, we don’t use tom necks because they’re massive. Obviously, heavy bones like those from venison would be a no-no.


This machine isn’t cheaply made and has a pretty strong motor but costs far less than the really large ones with heavy-duty motors that need to be placed on stands. It weighs about 14 pounds, so we don’t move it around daily. With good reports from clients for several years, this electric grinder receives 5 stars from us!


This food processor is the perfect size for the average kitchen. Not too big, not to small. Reliable, easy to use and clean. Capacity: 9 cups


Jody’s had this food processor for many years now with no problems.


This hand blender is Monica’s favorite. Simple, 2 speeds, super easy clean-up, perfect for pulverising small amounts of veggies to incorporate into treats, bone broths, et al. The 3-Cup blending jar with lid is BPA-free and works nicely as a storage piece.



This oven glove is the best! Monica has ever used. Those cheap gloves that wear quickly (especially after anyone washes them) are a health hazard. This glove allows time to handle hot trays, pots etc from the oven to the counter or even across the room. There is one glove per package. Monica uses one on each hand when lifting heavy roasters from the oven. They are worth every penny.



Some supplements are fed in tiny amounts that would be difficult to manage without a pill splitter. The one we have has been going strong for 10+ years and saves so much frustration and time.

Vitamix blenders are unique in their versatility.

Whether making a smoothie, pulversing soup to make it a creamier consistency for ourselves or veggies to add to our dog’s foods this blender is top notch. Everything they say about the Vitamix brand being very able to handle hot soup or frozen foods equally is true. A few clients with toy dogs use it to process cooked meats with veggies and freeze the mixture for future use. Nothing does a better job, cleans up easier (drop of dishwashing liquid before placing it under running water – presto! – dishwasher safe of course) or lasts for as many years.


This is the low profile version. It takes up less room on the counter and fits under our kitchen cabinets

We use molds for a few reasons.


  • They’re fun. We may be addicted to using them for treats.
  • Convenience. They’re the perfect size for treat-size bone broth, or fruit-based treats.
  • Easy clean-up!

Fire hydrants – c’mon, how adorable is this?



Large size paw and bone molds are fun to use for bone broth as well as other treats.



For smaller dogs and puppies


Little baby hearts! We can’t even…


These are popular in the training circuit because they produce tiny treats that can fit in your pocket. Look for recipes on training groups/social media.

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