K9Kitchen: The Truth Behind The Hype (e-Book)

Cutting through the current myths that surround home-prepared canine diets, this book presents facts as well as respectful consideration to feeding each dog as an individual. EPub and Mobi formats. Click on the recommendations tab below to view instructions for downloads. Please download as soon as you receive your link. The link expires in 24 hours.
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  • We begin with basic information, moving toward a better understanding of the nutritional needs of dogs, and providing analyses of commonly fed raw meaty bones and green tripe. The book provides 60 diet plans (20 cooked, 20 raw and 20 combination diets), the latest NRC nutrient requirements for adult dogs, and a step-by-step guideline to help the reader formulate a balanced diet. Includes nutrient analyses of raw chicken necks, chicken wings, chicken backs, turkey necks, whole rabbit, whole duck and green tripe.
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    Oct 25, 2014
    Great RAW Reference Guide by Leisa Deffenbaugh (Quinton VA US)

    I have begun a RAW feeding program. I do not want to use my natural intrepidation to cause harm to my dogs through improper nutrition. Accordingly, I have invested quite a bit of time in researching (the good, the bad and the downright outrageous) on the internet. In any endeavor, one must be vigilant in teasing out opinions from facts. There are quite a few opinions about RAW that are paraded around as facts. On page 31, in the chapter of "Is Your Dog a Wolf?" Her cogently written chapter assured me that this book is based on evidential matter: that dogs are indeed omnivores. I witness this fact (not opinion) in my many decades of owning dogs and the relished eating of tomatoes, zucchini, radishes, cucumbers and blackberries that I have observed in my own dogs and others. And while it is a fact that dogs have 99% of wolf DNA, they also share 92% of the DNA of cave bears. We all know that bears are very opportunistic eaters. Any reasonable person, then, considering the whole of the evidential matter (v. an unconsidered slice) would beware of rabid exhortations of strict carnivore. Accordingly, when I see such statements of 'dogs as obligate carnivores' I immediately discount the value of whatever follows. This book does a great exposition of the NRC requirements for dog nutrition. I had found this study on line prior to getting Monica's book; however, her book is the ONLY place I have ever seen the NRC referenced. And the chapter summary ends with "The fact that each dog is a unique individual is deserving of far more attention than focusing only on DNA as a guide to feeding." That observation alone should warrant confidence that this book is one that will empower you with proper information for you to make informed decisions regarding the nutritional health and welfare of your dog. Admittedly, I have a favorable bias on this e-book, because it supports my own research and understanding (and that is called confirmation bias!). So with my freely admitting to confirmation bias, I recommend this guide. The e-book is high quality, and very easy to download, written clearly with great chapter summaries. With this book, I feel that I have a trusted guide in the nutritional health and welfare of my dogs.

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