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Private Nutrition Coaching

Everyone’s canine nutrition journey is different which is why this service is adaptable to your requirements. Your goals lead the way! This service’s price is based on the number of hours needed. You and I will decide this together. No surprises.

Completing the simple form found below will help me get a better understanding of where you are at and what you are looking to achieve. Please note I am not accepting new clients for formulations of diets for health issues at this time. Once you have submitted this form, you can expect to hear back from me within 48 hours.

Please note, this service is not refundable.

Here are some of the reasons why my customers are interested in Nutrition Coaching:

  • You’re interested in learing more about canine diet and nutrition.
  • You’re looking for professional feedback regarding your current home prepared canine diet(s).
  • You’re currently using a commercial canine diet and would like to better understand which fresh foods to add and why.
  • Your dog currently has health challenge(s) and you’d like to better understand the role of nutrition related to your dog’s specific situation.

Monica was recommended as being respected in her field. She has great adaptability regardless of the challenge and helped move me forward through a learning curve. Her information and guidance were more than I expected. If I could take courses with her every week, I’d do it! Charlotte Shaw

Personal data
Getting to know your dog:
Desired Outcome:

Tell me if there are any nutritional issues you and your dog are experiencing and how you hope we can resolve them together.

  • What is your biggest challenge?
  • What is the final goal?

Please be specific, so we can understand if private coaching is a good fit.

My dog eats kibble and premade raw food. I wanted to add fresh foods & some supplements with an understanding of the WHY, so I could have everything totally directed at his requirements. If you’ve been looking for someone to teach and guide you in your dog’s best interest you can stop searching. You’re here. David Anderson

Monica accepted me for her Coaching service in July. She suggested 3-4 sessions would likely be needed. One week later I knew that her experience could be trusted and relied on. We developed a weekly appt. schedule which gave me time to follow her directions before moving to the next step. The difference in my dog after just three sessions is amazing. He’s a little calmer and his skin is clearer. Two things I wasn’t sure were ever going to happen. Our final appointment is in four weeks, but I might ask for more sessions because the learning is very enjoyable. Joanne Stern