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August 2019

Click here to read about digestive enzymes helping older dogs.

July 2019

Click here to read our synopsis on the latest FDA report about DCM in dogs.

May 2019 

Click here to read about the increased importance of vitamin B2 for older dogs

April 2019

Click here to learn how to address your dog's diarrhea pattern

March 2019

Click here to read about atopic dermatitis and improving the skin barrier

February 2019

Click here to find out which diet - raw or cooked - is best for your dog.

January 2019

Click here to read about  Nutrition and Osteoarthritis in Dogs

December 2018

Click here to read about a pilot study on CoQ10 for dogs, other benefits of CoQ10, (do you need ubiquinol?) and our Sale!

November 2018

Click here to read about ellagitannins challenging cancer cells!

October 2018

Click here to help us celebrate 20 years of helping dogs

September 2018

Click here to read about Seven Ways to Provide Proactive Nutrition

July 2018

Click here to read about the causes of dehydration in dogs

June 2018

Click here to read about comparing health benefits of blueberries and raspberries.

April 2018

Click here to read about itchy dogs, espeically in the spring - and what you can do about it! 

March 2018

Click here to read about Spring safety tips, the sunshine vitamin (D) for dogs, and a sale! on the Optimal Nutrition book.

February 2018

Click here to read about adding vitality to your dog's food bowl, an announcement about Jody Zesko joining the team, and the newest consultations - Kibble Plus - Raw Plus




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