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We love dogs, too! So, we know that you want the same things we do - the best nutrition, high-quality supplements and you want accurate information without the hype. We're proud to provide all three. Join us in the pursuit of your dog's best health.

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Essential Fatty Acids for Skin and Coat

Both scientific studies and observation show that these oils can help dogs with many skin problems. The beauty of these supplements is that although most sources of omega 6 essential fatty acids are pro-inflammatory, these two are not! So, even the allergic dog may benefit. The dog that can’t tolerate much fat in the diet can as well.

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Liver-Friendly Diet

The following diet is based on the original one by Dr. Jean Dodd's and I'm pleased that Dr. Dodds has approved it for long term use. Please note that the amounts of food have changed from the original diet and supplementation differs greatly. This diet meets the newest NRC recommended allowances for vitamins and minerals.

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Systemic Yeast in Dogs

Yeast problems have been discussed on my Yahoogroups list, K9Kitchen, many times. New members worry about carbohydrates and “sweet” vegetables feeding yeast. Before deciding that your dog has a yeast problem, it's probably best to visit your veterinarian.Get a culture and sensitivity done and see what comes back. At one point, a vet was sure that Zoey had only yeast in one ear. The culture showed yeast and bacteria at the time.

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Raw and Cooked Diets for Toy Dogs (Booklet Preview)

Toy dogs sleep on couches, on our beds, and if yours is like one of mine — on our heads. Other than their cute factor, toy dogs can be different in other ways. They have unique dietary needs due to a high metabolism, and some can be picky eaters. They bring challenges to the table that most owners of larger dogs don’t encounter. The raw and cooked diets in this booklet are suited to healthy adult dogs. Most of the recipes provide a great deal of variety because many toy dogs are picky eaters. By including different foods, we are better able to rotate between them, thus maintaining the dog’s interest.

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