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This consultation is for people who are satisfied with the kibble or premade raw diet fed to their healthy dog, and want guidance on appropriate fresh food and supplement additions based on a personalized approach. Consideration of breed, health predisposition, age, activity level, and current diet will be given.

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  • For healthy dogs only (email us before ordering if you are not sure)

    One consultation per dog unless all dogs in the household are the same breed eating the same food, have the same lifestyle, and are about the same age.

    Breed matters! While all dogs can benefit from natural antioxidants, phytonutrients, and high-quality protein, breeds that are predisposed to bladder stone formation should be fed differently from those that aren`t. The same is true for cancers, pancreatitis, heart disease, and more.


    Age matters! An older dog is more likely to benefit from particular supplements and foods that can be different from a younger dog of the same breed.


    Activity matters! A performance dog has an escalated need for very particular nutrients, and support.


    The type of food matters! If something is being provided within the diet itself, feeding more of it may, or may not be optimal. If the diet is lacking in something that can benefit a particular dog, now is the time to address it.


    Happiness matters! Dogs love fresh food, and we want to make them happy. This can be done without a lot of fuss.


    You will receive a very short questionnaire within 24 hours of placing your order. The answers you provide will help Monica determine which foods and supplements (if applicable) have potential to help your dog.


    What the plan includes: A short questionnaire, a personalized list of foods and supplements, brief explanation of the reasoning behind the choices and how to implement them, one email exchange with Monica after the personalized list has been sent to you.

    What this plan does not include: 1) a guarantee that the raw diet will be balanced to NRC - that is only guaranteed through the Adult Dog Consultation and Diet Analysis with Corrections  2) A guarantee that all food or supplements will agree with your dog,  3) recommendation of a raw or kibble brand.


    Please note: The time frame for our waiting list changes weekly. Current waiting list is 3 days.

     Clients who choose to cancel a consultation due to our inability to work with you in a timely fashion because we did not receive the form will incur a $25 administration fee. This fee is also applicable if a client cancels the order. A $10 fee is applicable if we cancel your order due to the dog's health status not being as described (must be a healthy dog) necessary for this consult option.


  • Kibble Plus: A great way to boost the value of kibble with confidence. No guesswork as to which foods may be appropriate (or not!) for your individual dog.

    Raw Plus: We help alleviate the guesswork on which foods and supplement additions may be appropriate (or not!) for your individual dog.

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    Mar 4, 2016
    What a difference! by J.B. Trull (San Diego Ca )

    I implemented the changes that Monica directed and the result is a whole other level of amazing! Bandi's skin is better than ever, and her goopy eyes aren't goopy anymore. Even her stamina is better. Thank you so much for this consultation. Worth every penny.

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