Vitamin E 200 IU

$11.79 $10.69
Our natural source Vitamin E is in the natural, easily absorbable D’Alpha Tocopherol form. This potent antioxidant should be added to all home-prepared diets.

Each bottle contains: 90 softgel capsules

$11.79 $10.69
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  • Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin and potent antioxidant.

    One softgel contains 200 IU of natural source Vitamin E (D’Alpha Tocopherol).

    Does not contain artificial preservatives, color, milk, corn, wheat or yeast.
  • Feed as needed to meet your dog's requirements, or as suggested by a veterinarian.
  • Analysis: Vitamin E 200 I.U.
    Description: Light yellow oil in clear colorless capsule

    Specification: Average fill weight NLT 300
    Result: mg 302 mg

    Specification: Size/Shape 6 Oval
    Result: complies

    Specification: Color Clear
    Result: complies

    Uniformity of Dosage

    Specification: Weight variation of 10 capsules to meet USP requirements
    Result: complies

    Specification: Disintegration NMT 45 minutes
    Result: 4 minutes

    Specification: Relative Standard Deviation NMT 6%
    Result: 0.9%

    Specification: Potency Vitamin E (d' alpha tocopherol) 200 IU +/- 10%
    Result: 200 IU

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