Beef Liver & Broth

Thursday, December 27th, 2018

Beef liver is sometimes included in the diets we formulate. Although it contains other nutrients, beef liver is a very rich source of copper, so not much has to be fed in order to meet a dog’s copper requirement.



Here’s an easy way to have the right amount of beef liver ready at all times. Use it as a treat, or mix in food. The broth can be used as an addition to food, or for a warm, liquid snack.



1. Poach beef liver in small amount of water until rare.


2. Remove liver. Reserve liquid.


3. Cut liver in the correct amount/weight for your dog.


4. Put liver pieces in single layer on non stick cookie sheet in freezer.


5. Add water to reserved liquid to double the amount.


7. Pour liquid in ice cube tray.


8. Put frozen liver pieces into freezer bag for future use.