Diets for Canine Athletes

Sunday, March 31st, 2019
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Spring, to dog parents of athletes, means it’s time to get their canine partners back into training in preparation for competition season.


What to feed the canine athlete is a question we get a lot this time of year. Though there isn’t one magical diet that every dog should be eating, there is a bit of a trick to the timing of the feedings and the foods that are most likely to benefit the dog. Ensuring your dog’s diet has optimal vitamins, minerals and fatty acids is key for top performance and injury prevention. Antioxidants, hydration, supportive supplements all play important roles in a performance dog’s game plan.


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Canine Athletes: The Ouch We May Not See

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011
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My roster includes a lot of canine athletes.  The reason most of them end up with me is because owners want a great diet for their dogs, but the emphasis is on stamina and duration and the right diet is pretty darn good at getting a dog to improve on both.


Some people scoff about it and claim that all you need is a well-balanced diet because all dogs require the same thing.  The dogs I’ve worked with have shown dramatic improvement, so I disagree with those statements. Once you understand at which point the dog seems too tired or loses speed, you can tweak the diet and the timing (emphasis on timing) of that diet accordingly. Read more Canine Athletes: The Ouch We May Not See