How to Cook Rice For Dogs

Friday, October 23rd, 2020
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Our dog diets are specific to the individual. States of health, food tolerances and the dog parent’s circumstances impact this work. For example, diets for kidney disease must be lower in phosphorus. White rice, and especially the glutinous variety is extremely low in this mineral (and a great source of manganese) which allows some diets to include small amounts of other foods than would be possible otherwise. This is important because inappetence is a part of kidney disease, so being able to use different foods can make a positive impact.


Rice is highly digestible for dogs and plays an important role at times, so we want to address a concern that some people may have. Read more How to Cook Rice For Dogs

How to Poach Meats

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019
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Poaching is the process of gently submerging and simmering food in liquid. The water or liquid is at the proper poaching temperature, which ranges from 160°C to 185°C, when small air bubbles start to form at the bottom of the pot and just a few bubbles break the surface of the liquid.


Shallow Poaching

This involves partially submerging food in simmering liquid, and cooking by a combination of the hot liquid and he steam rising into the covered pan. The foods are generally thin, delicate and quick to cook. Read more How to Poach Meats