Calming Products

Tuesday, October 1st, 2019
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Just like their owners, dogs can feel stressed at times. For some it’s just temporary and they calm down very quickly. Others tend to stay in that aroused zone longer. In some cases the dog is simply wired and can’t seem to find their place long enough to settle. There’s a heightened sense of worry and even panic. There can be repercussion to health and in some cases the dog ends up at a shelter.


Monica’s dog was one of the shelter cases. Calming him was a must and a positive reinforcement trainer was the first important step.


The products below helped Hudson calm down.


Read more Calming Products

Slow-Feeders & Puzzles

Thursday, September 19th, 2019
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Slow feeders serve a dual purpose in our opinion. Most importantly, they serve to slow down the feeding frenzy that some dogs display. Gulping food can translate to gulping air as well, so the risk of vomiting and bloat can increase. Monica’s dog would gulp so much that he’d gasp for air and sometimes food would go down the wrong way. The answer was to use a slow feeder as well as enrichment, so this post shows some of the items we use.


Slow feeders are more than just a different type of bowl device. They can fall into the category of enrichment because they help the dog experience something new. In fact, use different feeders and some food puzzles and you are providing some engagement to encourage healthy brain function as the dog ages. Read more Slow-Feeders & Puzzles

Dog-Safe Garden Pest Control

Wednesday, September 18th, 2019
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Certain plants (info follows) can help curb insects that become annoying (mosquitoes, anyone?) Some may even be helpful against ticks. We aren’t saying any of these will guarantee your dog is safe from fleas, ticks, etc. but they help. In combination with our selected products, we think this approach is worth consideration.


Of course, the area you live in and the activities your dog participates in are game changers. Monica’s dog is a rescue with ‘issues’, and tends to hang out at home, in his backyard, or walks in the neighborhood. One of Jody’s dogs walks in wooded areas from time to time and is in another part of the country. Every situation is unique, so the exposure to fleas, ticks et al can mean different solutions for different dogs.


However, we try to keep to natural products where possible and these items are what we found helpful for the backyard. Read more Dog-Safe Garden Pest Control

Grooming Favorites

Wednesday, September 18th, 2019
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We’re picky about grooming products for our own dogs and we know you are too. Who wouldn’t want gentle effective products? Of course it’s all about what a dog tolerates and since we work with a lot of dogs with allergies we try to focus on hypoallergenic items. Read more Grooming Favorites

Kitchen Favorites

Sunday, September 15th, 2019
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When clients ask us which products we like we point them to this (Favorite Things) area of the blog. We use these items ourselves and feel confident when saying they’re our favorites.


Our preferences for the kitchen are based on needs for efficiency, easy clean-up, time savers and getting a fair deal with consideration to quality.


Having the right tools in the kitchen makes food prep more efficient, clean-up easier, and saves money in the long run. Read more Kitchen Favorites