COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) and Dogs

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

Daily updates about this virus includes a case of a dog in Hong Kong testing positive for it. We want to address this because we have clients worldwide.


Before more panic ensues, here’s a reliable blog where the renowned Dr. Weese explains where we stand.


Arguably the more realistic consideration about an outbreak (pandemic or otherwise) is we’re being advised to consider having 2-3 weeks worth of food and other daily needs in reserve. How would this affect our dogs?


If you feed a commercial diet, it should be easy to have more of it on hand. For those of us feeding home-prepared foods, the preparation involves a bit more consideration. Perhaps this can help:


  1. Have extra meat in the freezer
  2. Keep extra cans of the fish in the diet (sardines/sockeye salmon/etc)
  3. Running out of room for cans in cupboards? Canned fish can be divided into daily/weekly amounts and frozen
  4. Use frozen veggies and fruits rather than fresh if you’re going to limit your time in stores
  5. Is yogurt in the diet? Freeze some for future use
  6. Baby food veg/fruits can come in handy and make nice treats
  7. Buy sweet potato/potato in larger amounts if they’re included in the diet
  8. Already making a week’s worth of food for the freezer? Great. Make 2-3!