Does Rotating Proteins Guarantee Your Dog Won’t Develop a Food Allergy?

Thursday, August 20th, 2020

Quite simply – no.


Intolerances or allergies can present at any time and if you’ve been feeding every protein you’ve had access to, you are going to be in a very difficult position because elimination diets require a novel (new) protein.



Keep in mind there are various issues that may require a novel protein – in conjunction with veterinary care and diagnostics.


➡️ Stool problems – constant changing from hard to diarrhea and back
➡️ Itching/Scratching
➡️ Anal gland problems
➡️ Runny eyes
➡️ Hyperactivity
➡️ Foul breath
➡️ Intermittent vomiting and regurgitation
➡️ Changes in behaviour
➡️ Changes in skin and hair health


Many of the dogs we work with that have a health issue, require a novel protein – it allows us to start at square one. Most often these dogs have tried numerous meats while trying to figure out the reason for their symptoms. By the time we see them it can be almost impossible to find one novel protein that is accessible, never mind affordable. If you are struggling to find a food your dog tolerates, consult a professional to help guide you through the process.


A very big problem can be perpetuated by rotating foods -particularly when the mucosal barrier of the gut is already compromised. Intact protein molecules can seep through the barrier, the immune system recognizes them and an allergy is born – complete with inflammation which further compromises the mucosal barrier.


It can take weeks/months to calm this reaction down. In the meantime, people feed a different food, and those new intact protein molecules can seep through because the barrier is in poor shape, and the end result is another allergy. And on it goes. This is one of the biggest dangers for these dogs.


PLEASEyour dog doesn’t need 10 different proteins! It does NOT ensure a balanced diet (in fact it dilutes nutrient density) and it will not guarantee that they don’t develop an intolerance. Don’t just save the exotic proteins – especially if you have a large dog that will need a lot of the pricier protein. Many times, hydrolyzed diets become the only option because there are literally no true proteins left.


Are we saying feed your dog the same single protein every day – No (unless of course it’s the only food they tolerate). There’s a happy medium between the same food every day and every single protein on the market. Your dog is an individual and that needs to be considered when making dietary decisions.