Green Smoothie Recipe to Share with Your Dog

Thursday, March 11th, 2021

Anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, prebiotics, fiber, healthy fats – what’s not to love?


Daily smoothies can be healthy for both the dog parent and the dog if the ingredients are safe and add nutritional value.  It’s not a lean source of veggies for dogs, but there are benefits that might make it a worthwhile trade-off now and then. For example, my dog eats pretty much anything and has a passion for bitter greens but try giving him celery and he backs away as though it might attack him.  Since I’d like him to receive the benefits, giving him a bit of my smoothie (which doesn’t taste at all like celery) works well.

Surprisingly, he doesn’t mind the lemon juice in this recipe. The smoothie doesn’t taste sour but I thought the scent of lemon would be a deal breaker. Nope!  You can skip it for your dog though. Dogs produce their own vitamin C, so it’s not a problem.


¼ – ½ cup coconut milk + water to have 1 cup of liquid in total

1 small handful green or black kale

1 large handful spinach

2 stalks celery (include the leaves if available)

¼ – ½ Haas avocado ( I used ¼ because they were really big)

½ apple

¼” fresh ginger

Juice of ½ lemon


In Vitamix or food processor, add liquid, ginger, kale, and spinach. Process until smooth. Add all other ingredients and process.

Smoothie for your dog can be frozen in cubes or cute molds. Dog’s face might be a bit green after consuming 😊


Coconut milk: Phenolic compounds act as antioxidants

Kale and spinach: lutein and zeaxanthin – eye heath

Celery: luteolin, quercetin and kaempferol – cardiac protective and anti-cancer

Avocado: monounsaturated fat, great source of potassium

Apple with peel: quercetin, catechin – antioxidants; inhibit cancer cells

Lemon juice:  Excellent source of vitamin C

Ginger: gingerol – antioxidant, anti-inflammatory