Human Grade Ingredients in Pet Foods

Saturday, February 6th, 2021

A healthy gut equates to a healthier dog. Healthy + slim = improved quality of life and longevity.


Three key points the study makes:


  • Dogs fed fresh food don’t need to consume as many calories as when fed kibble
  • Human grade food is more digestible than commercial dog food
  • Dogs on freshfood diets have healthier gut biomes


Twelve Beagles were fed one of these four diets for 4 weeks.


  1. Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe (extruded)
  2. Freshpet Roasted Meals Tender Chicken Recipe (refrigerated, fresh)
  3. Chicken & White Rice Recipe. (JustFoodforDogs)
  4.  Beef & Russet Potato Recipe (JustFoodforDogs)

Previous studies show that the fecal microbial communities of healthy dogs fed fresh diets were different than those fed kibble. “These unique microbial profiles were likely due to differences in diet processing, ingredient source, and the concentration and type of dietary fibers, proteins, and fats that are known to influence what is digested by the dog and what reaches the colon for fermentation.”


Even if you are feeding commercial food, you can make shifts to the microbiota by adding fresh foods and boosting overall antioxidants.

Our approach to fresh food diets is more personalized because the breed and individual dog are considered.


“In conclusion, the HG pet foods tested resulted in significantly reduced fecal output, were highly digestible, maintained fecal characteristics, serum chemistry, and hematology, and modified the fecal microbiota of dogs.”