Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil is rich in GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) and has anti-inflammatory properties which can benefit dogs with skin and coat problems.

Sourced in U.S.A.
Each bottle contains:240 softgel capsules

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  • Each softgel contains cold pressed Evening Primrose Oil (500 mg), Vitamin E (4 mg), Linolenic Acid (50 mg) and Oleic Acid (28 mg).

    Does not contain artificial preservatives, color, milk, soy, corn, wheat or yeast.
  • This is a great oil for dogs with dry, flakey skin and has been shown to reduce itchiness much of the time.


    epilepetic dogs should not be fed oils that are high in GLA. This includes borage and primrose oils.
  • Analysis: Evening Primrose Oil 500 mg
    Description: Clear yellow oil in a clear colorless capsule
    Dimensions : 15.4mm x 8.9mm

    Specification: Average fill weight USP 496 - 549 mg
    Result: 503 mg

    Active Ingredients
    Specification: Gamma Linolenic Acid NLT 47.5
    Result: mg 50.9 mg

    Specification: Linoleic Acid NLT 345 mg
    Specification: Oleic Acid NLT 28 mg
    Result: 37.1 mg

    Specification: Vit E mixed tocopherols NLT 4 IU
    Result: 5 IU

    Microbial Limits

    Specification: Total Plate Count <3000 cfu/g
    Result <10 cfu/g

    Salmonella: Negative
    Staphlococcus aureus: Negative
    E. Coli: Negative
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    Oct 24, 2015
    My dog's skin looks amazing! by D.F. Myers ( US)

    I started adding this primrose oil to my dog's diet based on my vet's recommendation. I was already using Monica's wild salmon oil. The difference this has made is remarkable. Beautiful, clear, no-more-itch skin!


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