Personalized, Balanced Nutrition for Dogs

Monday, October 26th, 2020

What many of you may not know is that Monica and I are not only passionate about canine nutrition, but we also avidly pursue optimal health for ourselves. Nutrition is a passion that has really connected us to not only help dogs, but there’s always an underlying hope that seeing a dog thrive on fresh foods, may inspire the dog parent to include more healthy foods in their own diets!


Being passionate about human nutrition as well as canine, has turned me (Jody) into a bit of nutrition/wellness podcast junkie! Sadly, it’s pretty common for most functional health/nutrition podcasts to reiterate how unhealthy the majority of the human population is—


From Chris Kresser:

6 in 10 U.S adults have chronic illness

4 in 10 U.S adults have multiple chronic conditions

1/3 of Americans are at risk for nutrient deficiencies or anemia

Nearly 40% of Americans are obese

The average life expectancy is dropping in the US


From Rhonda Patrick:

Almost 40% of toddlers do not get adequate magnesium intake

Less than 1% of toddlers in the US meet the adequate intake for potassium


In short, there is a chronic disease epidemic in the human population and we are seeing similar in the canine population!


Why do we bring up human nutrition here?


  • The phrase “We are perfectly capable of feeding ourselves and our kids, I’m sure we can handle feeding our dogs” is often reiterated by naysayers when discussing the importance of balanced diets. Given the chronic disease stats…can most of us really say we are doing a great job feeding ourselves and our kids for Optimal Health?


  • Both Monica and I eat incredibly well (ya we indulge every now and then) and still know we need some supplements to boost some nutrients.


  • No matter how great we eat we have to recognize that we evolved eating foods that contained dramatically higher levels of vitamins and minerals (and healthy fats). Depleted soil means that the animals and veggies we eat have fewer nutrients.


  • Environmental toxin exposure/stress means we may have some higher nutrient needs.


Human nutritionists use the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) as a general guide to help clients meet dietary/nutrient requirements and to make supplement suggestions. In addition, they can utilize personalized testing.


We use the NRC (National Research Council) guidelines in the same way. Without using guidelines, and taking into account personal history (genetic predisposition when possible) we would all simply be guessing. No matter what your personal eating philosophy (Keto, Paleo, Vegan etc) or dog feeding philosophy is (prey model, barf, or cooked) -nutrient requirements are the same and we can all often benefit from professional guidance.